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Why The O³ Concept Will Push The Limits Of Transformation - Wolfgang Baier

Why The O³ Concept Will Push The Limits Of Transformation

I introduced the concept of O², where the Online and Offline worlds are blended into a unified shopping experience with exponential benefits.


When I created the O² concept, the idea came from an understanding that consumers today want a fluid and convenient buying experience, but also have access to the internet for the speed of transactions, better security by artificial intelligence, and the best search engine algorithms ever recorded.


The “O Mall” as I envisioned, is one where brick and mortar shops can integrate the advantages of online e-commerce technology, but don’t need an actual shopping cart to push around the mall with your purchases.


But, what if you could take my concept further and push the limits? Well, you can by combining e-commerce, offline business, and artificial intelligence, for massive marketing results and leveraging powerful platforms that already have your target audience waiting to buy your product.


Here are some of the benefits as to why I’m introducing AI and can help boost the already successful O2 concept, into an O3 concept taking my idea to a whole new level for businesses.


The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence –


It Helps You Get To Know Your Customers On A More Personal Level


Several points on why AI is so important – Using AI can help you connect with your customers by automatically replying to comments & questions with real answers, performing tedious followup messages, posting relevant content, addressing your customers by first name, like Aweber did in the late 1990’s.

Like having your own virtual assistant helping your customers down a sales pipeline, in a seamless personalized human-like fashion.


The biggest change with using AI is the real-time personalization, many e-commerce stores already use matched filtering to provide customers with relevant recommendations, that is nothing new.


Now marketers will be able to deliver different experiences to different customers, based on their previous behavior or demographic data, AI can now visit their site or read their emails and recommend something for them.


More to come….

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