Developing Transformational Leaders To Revolutionize The Way We Do Business

Transformational leaders are constantly asking questions of their people and of themselves: What do I want? What do you want? How can we try things differently? What will it cost us to not to develop transformational leaders in the long run?

The biggest challenge I find in the transformational process is trying to keep everyone motivated when you have challenges at hand. When you want to keep people motivated in a challenging situation, they need to be championed to take on some risks and learn to work together for solutions. Leaders take control of the situation and navigate through the worst of challenges.

“As leaders, we cannot hesitate to make a decision; we must move quickly, check things out and learn. We need to fail fast, learn from failure and then move on.” – Dr. Wolfgang Baier, CEO of Luxasia

In order to begin the process of developing transformational leaders, their mindsets have to be willing to change with it. The accelerated change happening at work, with yourself and in business means everyone needs to commit to continuous learning, in order for transformation to really work. Transformation is a journey that becomes a part of your life.

So, what exactly is a transformational leader? How will they revolutionize today’s business?

In my own view, a transformational leader not only builds an incredible organization that grows each and every year but inspires his or her people to constantly innovate and reach their full potential.

Transformational leaders have and create, phenomenal vision for their companies, one where their employees want to be at, to be a part of something special. What’s more, transformational leaders are obsessed about developing their people, not just collecting a profit and a paycheck.

To put it simply, transformational leaders positively disrupt individual companies and entire industries, globally.

Research evidence clearly shows that companies led by transformational leaders are more efficient and perform much better, carry a positive atmosphere attitude, and a high degree of confidence.


Because transformational leaders hold positive expectations for their employees, championing them so they can do it.

As a result, they inspire, empower, and mentor employees to have the positive attitude to absolutely dominate and take things to a new level. And, transformational leaders focus on and care about their employees and their personal needs and development.

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