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6 Key Area’s In Developing Successful Transformational Leaders - Wolfgang Baier

6 Key Area’s In Developing Successful Transformational Leaders

Developing the Vision of a Leader

Transformational leadership starts with the personal development of a skill called vision, how leaders view the future and how they will motivate up and coming leaders they mentor.

There a few ways to develop vision from within, from an already experienced leader, or from a company meeting that creates great insight. The important point is, once the leader develops a keen vision and then applies that to his ongoing projects, that’s where the magic really happens.

Selling the Vision
The next step, which in fact never stops, is to constantly sell the vision leaders develop. This takes lots of time & serious commitment. When most people see the vision they buy into it, and others will take more time before they buy in.

When the transformational leader wants to move forward on projects, he takes every opportunity presented to pitch their vision and uses whatever means necessary to convince others to climb on board, at all costs.

Transformational leaders have to be very careful in creating trust and be aware that their personal integrity is a critical part of the vision that they are selling. Leaders sell themselves as well as their vision and are keen on how they present that to others.

Willing to Be a Risk Taker

In developing great transformational leaders there comes a time when you have to trust them to take calculated risks on their own. Transformational leaders will accept that there will be failures and successes, that go along with risks. As long as they feel progress is being made, they will be happy. When you fail, you learn, then learn to fail faster, because failure is the best teacher of all.

Reverse Millennial Mentoring
One of the biggest workplace demographics coming in are the Millennials and in large numbers. By 2020, they will account for 75% of the company workforce which brings up the point of “Reverse Mentoring Millennials”.

”Which means transformational leaders should listen and work with millennials on their innovative ideas to further the leader & the millennials progress”, like a 2-way street transformation exercise, and extremely important for companies to recognize and empower millennials in the digital transformation era.

Connection from senior company leaders and the millennials being mentored will be key when restructuring their workplace going through a transformation.

Be a Role Model

Transformational leaders always act with a sense of integrity and high ethical standards. As leaders, your actions happen automatically and subconsciously, whether the behavior is positive or negative—people will follow your example. People will strive to be like transformational leaders that have strong integrity & ethics, and that carries right through the company, in work performance and a positive company environment.

The Leader Is Ready

The Last step in transformation development is taking charge of the situation and lead your troops to victory. Now they have confidence they can motivate & rally the troops, listening, mentoring & reverse mentoring millennials, and being the #1 committed Captain at the helm of the ship.

It is their continuous commitment, particularly through the darker times when some may question whether the vision can ever be achieved. If the people do not believe that they can succeed, then their efforts will show it. The transformational leader constantly seeks to sell his vision to champion in success, and that’s what makes him a leader.

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