Student in Transformation Employees

Perhaps most importantly is they are people-oriented and believe that their “student in transformation employees” comes first in the transformational process, not products and technology, as most would think. Strong leaders build strong innovative companies on well mentored transformed, hardworking employees.

What’s really interesting is when the CEO’s of companies “get it”, they tend to spend a lot more time with their core digital project teams, and become more actively involved. They are all over digital trends and are obsessed in knowing what’s trending. It’s their job to know how the marketplace is changing, and now can bring people along on the transformational journey, and develop them into great company leaders. It’s what leaders do best.

Successful leaders engage with people at all levels of the company on the need for positive innovative change, willing to admit what they know and don’t know, and have a sense of great vision.

I believe that a bold, well-articulated strategy puts the organization on notice that transformation is coming. A bold and clear vision to digitize the business is one of the most important decisions the board and management team have to make.

One example from my past experience that is initially, people smiled when presented with the e-commerce vision and did not believe it; when they saw how much we invested into pursuing the new area and the new talent joining, they realized that there was no turning back.

The greatest characteristic of transformational leaders is the ability to create lasting, meaningful change that will make a difference in the world. Leaders today have a more robust opportunity before us and the real possibility to see it’s true potential, to create not just extraordinary, but rather dynamic and sustainable results.

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