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Biggest Brands Around the World are Leading the “Digital Transformation” Change - Wolfgang Baier

Biggest Brands Around the World are Leading the “Digital Transformation” Change

Leading digital strategist influencers of the biggest brands around the world are leading the “Digital Transformation” change, and everyone wondering why & how it’s done to enhance customer buying experiences.

Going through its initial evolution, digital transformation became next big thing in customer buying experiences and how top companies now do business in a fast paced and changing environment. Those type of companies that are five steps ahead of the next guy, invest tons into digital customers’ behaviors, and will have a huge competitive advantage over companies that did not.

What companies look for when new technology investments are made? How a customer interacts and their purchase behaviors influences companies on which technology to use?

Some examples are:

  • What is our ideal client or customer?
  • What attracted them to our product in the first place?
  • What do customers use to interact with, and how often?
  • What do they want in terms of value, and expect in return for buying this particular product?
  • How did existing mainstream media or customers were influenced to affect their buying decision or altered their buying behaviors?

Here is one example of one company that used technology to transform its business with a commerce cloud product.

“Pitney Bowes that built the Commerce Cloud: Almost 100 years ago, Arthur Pitney invented the postage meter, introducing the concept of metered mail to the world and smoothing the path of commerce for the foreseeable future. Nowadays, shipping is just one aspect of the Pitney Bowes brand.

Since building the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, the company has become one of the largest software companies in the world, with customers relying on it for everything from location intelligence to global e-commerce and customer information management solutions. In order to evolve your business like Pitney Bowes has said, you have to take advantage of your greatest asset: data.”

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