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Things to Consider in Digital Transformation | Wolfgang Baier - Top CEO

Here some other things to consider in digital transformation…

Today, consumers have a lot of power, and an increasing number of companies are learning how to harness that power to make raving fans out of their customers. Perhaps the most important change, technology, has allowed businesses to connect and sell to clients in new ways, including e-mails, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, blogs, and the social media giants, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

These tools allow businesses to stay at the top of customer’s mind, and they help prospective find the companies they want to do business with.

The two biggest technology tools leading the change are mobile smartphones and tablets that make it a lot easier for consumers to access anything they want, from several mediums. The potential to disrupt the normal way of doing business is huge, so to recapture their consumers on a new business playing field, a digital transformation took place with companies gaining an advantage with new technology.

Technology has changed the video rental business very dramatically, and many video stores are out of business, going out of business, or have struggled to stay afloat. Hence, what Blockbuster went through leading to their bankruptcy, when Netflix came out a new way of delivering movies without late fees and turned the entire industry upside down.

Another hugely popular technology is streaming video. It has become extremely popular and many people are choosing to pay so they can stream new movies right from their homes, computers, tablets, and even smartphones. Technology has made everything more accessible, remotely while you’re not at the office, and a lot faster than a fax machine, with a simple push of a button.

Smartphones, for example, can connect you with your entire VPN network while you are out of the office, so you can respond a lot faster. Workflows, automated systems, and tools, helped in business cost inefficiency & losses, more streamlined operations, and controlling the costs from ballooning out of sight.

Unlike 1995, consumers are more connected than ever before. Social media makes it easy for consumers to communicate with others, create a post on Kijiji, or find anything they want on a Google search.  

The End Result?
Companies marketing objectives have dramatically shifted to social media, e-commerce, mobile phones, to meet an ever-evolving and more connected digital consumer.

In the end, the customer has a better buying journey, better payment options, better store platforms online, improved engagement & communications with companies, and motivated companies to take action to improve customer service & increase their revenue.

The most important aspect of digital transformation is the sheer will of “ambition” that fuels the digital era’s evolution.

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