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Blog Posts


What Kind of Changes Do Millennials Want?

Millennials want more flexible work hours, feeling that it’s pointless to adhere to a strict 9 to 5 schedule if they can still get their work done without being chained to a desk all day. They also want to work for companies that have strong values and make a positive...

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How Leaders Curate Innovation and Ideas on a Personal Level

Often times leaders solely focus on strategically influencing innovation at the company level and can overlook the key role it does when ideas can come from within your company transformation leaders and company openness culture. Here are 3 ways leaders can encourage...

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How to Leverage Innovation & Ideas at the Company Level

There are many strategic ways transformational leaders can direct innovation and ideas to get the maximum effect for the transformation process & get the company to flourish. Here are 3 ways I suggest leaders can cultivate innovation from within your company. 1....

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Why Innovation Is Key To Transformation

Innovation is the fuel of entrepreneurship. It is also the lifeblood for company transformation. And innovation drives change, and change separates great from mediocre. In my opinion, leaders play a critical role in creating the right environment for innovation to...

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Revolutionise The Way We Do Business

6 Key Areas In Developing Successful Transformational Leaders Developing the Vision of a Leader Transformational leadership starts with the personal development of a clear and simple vision, how leaders view the future and how they will motivate future leaders that...

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